Astronaut Tim Peake addresses Queen live from space (Video)

Astronaut Tim Peake addresses Queen live from space

British astronaut Tim Peake has become the first person to deliver a ‘God save the Queen’ message directly to the monarch, from space.

In the minute-long video, Major Peake, who was launched into space last month, thanked the Queen and said he hoped his journey would serve as a symbol of “international collaboration” and help make the world a better place.

Floating in front of a camera with a microphone, Maj Peake said: “I’m truly honoured to receive Your Majesty’s message, inspired by its wording, and humbled to be able to represent the UK and Europe on board the ISS. I can tell you it’s incredible to be able to look at the British Isles for the first time from space.

Eileen E. White

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