Researcher edits his DNA to make himself a “superhuman”

Researcher edits his DNA to make himself a "superhuman"

Rogue researchers are editing their own genes in a bid to make ­themselves superhuman, with boosted strength and senses.

Biochemist Josiah Zayner has become the first person known to have edited his DNA with the CRISPR tool.

The former NASA worker who is also one of the world’s prominent biohackers said: “This is the first time in history that we are no longer slaves to our genetics.” He removed myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth, with the gene-cutting technology.

Another US biohacker is planning to cause a genetic mutation in his body that will enable him to see on the ultraviolet spectrum, much like Superman’s X-ray vision.

London-based CRISPR researcher Robin Lovell-Badge warned of adv­­erse reactions. But University of Manch­ester bioethicist John Harris said: “There’s a long history of scientists experimenting on themselves.”

As history has proved, such experiments generally do not end well. Sir David Brewster, the inventor of the kaleidoscope, was almost blinded due to his experiments upon himself. Another scientist, Alexander Bogdanov, died of tuberculosis and malaria after contracting the germs through his blood transfusion experiments.

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