Britain’s best value supermarket: Aldi offers graduates a £42k salary

An Audi company car, salary of £40,000 and private healthcare may sound like the perks on offer to lure graduates to the City.

But in fact these are the rewards available to those opting to take a job at Aldi.

The aggressive bundle speaks to the German organization’s drive to entice high bore graduates on board as it looks to tackle more settled opponents with a greater piece of the pie. Four prominent investment banks are said to offer basic pay in the middle of £45,000 and £50,000. Aldi has 630 UK shops and plans to open another 65 a year to reach 1,000 by 2022.

The company is looking for 150 area managers with the primary criteria being a 2:1 degree and a driving licence. On the other hand, it is guaranteed that new recruits are filled in as hard as they would be in the City, with extend periods of time and a rebuffing workload. A quote highlighted on its site expresses: “It’s tougher than you think. Turns out, I’m tougher than I thought.” It says of the graduate programme: “By week 14, you’ll be running the show as we’ll give you the keys to your own store. That means managing people who’ve been there for years, taking control of processes, organising our award-winning stock and proving to everyone that you’re a fantastic, inspiring leader.”

Graduates are asked to work a 50-hour week, including weekends. Around 90 percent of Aldi’s 180 directors joined the company from college, including its UK CEO Matthew Barnes. In February, the organization will increment wages for shop floor staff to make it the highest rate paid by all its grocery store rivals, presenting another £8.40 minimum rate for all UK staff.

Lidl pays learners up to £38,000 a year in addition to a company car. An organization representative said: “We promote a healthy work/life balance. We have procedures to ensure our employees feel valued and listened to. Additionally our graduates are offered 35 days’ holiday.”

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