Louis Tomlinson: Singer kicked out of comedy gig!

Louis Tomlinson’s fame and fortune couldn’t help him on Tuesday night and it’s been reported that the One Direction star was kicked out of a comedy show in London because of his unruly behaviour.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”Louis and his mates got in the club just before the end of a stand-up routine at 8pm and gathered by the bar, but everyone in the club could hear them.

”After they were told off and his pal swore at the boss, he sent them packing, which was met with ironic cheers from the crowd.

”Louis tried to intervene, asking the manager sarcastically if he had ‘people skills’, but it fell on deaf ears.

”He followed his pals out of the club and didn’t come back. But he did pose for snaps with members of the audience on the way out, seemingly unruffled by what happened.”

The group later went to Project nightclub in the city before leaving for a house party in West London.

One Direction are currently enjoying an extended hiatus after five relentless years but 2016 will be a busy one for Louis, 24, who is expecting his first child with stylist Briana Jungwirth.

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