Bodybuilder Rich Piana Snorted Pre-Workout Powder (Death Report)

Rich Piana, the Instagram famous body builder who died in August at the age of 46, was fond of snorting caffeine-laden pre-workout powder, TMZ reports.

Back in August,  Piana collapsed while at home with his girlfriend Chanel Jansen. At the time it was presumed that steroids were a factor but that has since been proven inconclusive.

TMZ reports that white powder was discovered in Piana’s apartment and when questioned by police as to what it was Jansen told them it was lemon-lime CON-CRET PRE workout powder.

“He would snort this powder,” she reportedly said.

While no official cause of death has been determined by Piana’s autopsy, it was revealed that he had heart disease.

In the wake of Piana’s unexpected death, Jansen found herself on the receiving end of encouragement and overwhelming support from Piana’s fans. “I don’t want all this bullshit to muddy the waters of his legacy and the wonderful things he’s done for so many people,” Jansen previously said. “We had well over six hours worth of people calling in with prayers and stories of how he’s changed their lives.”

While Jansen has been forthright that Piana wasn’t a perfect person,her hope has been to keep his legacy clean of any unproven drug rumors as well as continuing his message of strength and positivity.

“Please just stay on the positive path,” she pleaded of Piana’s fans. “The world needs more positive people like Rich.”

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