How Many British People Are Happy With Their Sex Lives, New survey

A third of Welsh people don’t have any sex at all, according to a new survey.

The results of new sex research don’t make happy reading for the country.

The average Welsh person has sex 2.1 times per month, lagging behind the British average of doing it 2.5 times per month.

If you’re living in Wales though we feel a bit sorry for you right now. It’s a lovely country and all, but you’re having the least sex of any region in Britain right now, apparently.

It sounds like slim pickings in The Valleys with only one in seven getting as much sex as their rampant regional neighbours in the North East. Cardiff barely made it into the top 20 horniest student cities too.

People saying they got lucky five times a month was on average 29% across the country – with the same amount saying they had no sex at all.

Northern Ireland had 40% of people abstaining all together.

The stats come from a poll carried out for the ITV This Morning Show.

Rather reassuringly it was ‘affection’ that put most people (60%) in the mood – although a quarter just said ‘alcohol’. There was no mention of Tinder though.

Two thirds said they were happy with their sex lives – the other 35% (presumably in Wales) overwhelmingly mentioned ‘lack of sex’ as the cause of their sexual frustration. While just over a quarter of those said the quality of sex was the problem.

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