Indian Restaurant Owner On Trial After Peanut Death

An Indian restaurant owner is on trial accused of the manslaughter of a customer who suffered a fatal allergic reaction to peanuts after eating a takeaway curry.

Mohammed Zaman — owner of the Indian Garden restaurant — was plagued with debt so he began cutting corners as a means to cut costs.

Zaman’s strategies reportedly included employing illegal workers and substituting almond powder for a cheaper ground nut mix that contained peanuts.

Where the 53-year-old restaurateur really went wrong is by failing to warn patrons of the new ingredient being used in their recipes.

Due to Zaman’s negligence, Paul Wilson, 38, died at his home after consuming curry made with the peanut mix.

According to The Telegraph, Wilson specifically asked for “no nuts” when he ordered his food but was still served the lethal dish.

“We say Paul Wilson did what he always did and ordered no nuts in clear and simple terms,” said prosecutor Richard Wright. “There was no confusion here. Instead there was a business in which corners were being cut for the sake of profits, systems were non-existent and the customer was constantly exposed to danger.”

Zaman is being charged with manslaughter but pleads not guilty, denying any wrongdoing despite the fact it is evident he falsely advertised meals he was serving.

Even before Wilson’s death, a similar incident occurred at another restaurant Zaman owned in which a 17-year-old girl had a severe allergic reaction after eating a dish she believed contained no nuts.

Luckily, she survived after being rushed to the hospital and injected with an epi-pen, according to The Telegraph.

This should have served as a wakeup call to Zaman to either revert back to the old ingredients or start thoroughly warning customers, but it’s pretty clear he did neither.

Zaman’s scheme to save money and avoid losing customers with peanut allergies greatly backfired. He deserves to be exposed and punished for putting innocent peoples’ lives at risk.

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