Kelly Yeoman: Young woman drowning in her own poo

Can you imagine how it would feel to have your body so full of your own excrement that you were slowly suffocating? Yes, what you see is what you think it is…

Kelly Yeoman, 34, was admitted to hospital to have a small fluid-filled sac on her ovary removed.

But she was re-admitted two weeks later after her wound ‘exploded’ and she was told she had an infection in her bowel.

An operation failed to fix the problem and she now vomits after every meal – a mixture of food and her own faeces.

She has sent heartbreaking late night messages to pals voicing her terror as her condition deteriorates.

Friends of Kelly, who is described as ‘lovely, bright and caring’, have launched a fundraising campaign hoping to get her admitted into a specialist hospital, warning it is her only hope of survival.

When she posted the X-ray image on Facebook earlier this month, Kelly wrote: “For those who don’t quite understand the extent of my condition… this is my X-ray… the whole thing is a picture of fecal loading can’t even see my organs…. and yes it’s all in my chest too, my diaphragm and lungs are so high up I can barely breathe.”

Anxious friends say her bowel could perforate at any moment, and this could be fatal.

Her friends want to mover her to St Mark’s Hospital in London to receive private specialist treatment.

But they have praised staff at Southmead Hospital, which is not where the operation happened, for the level of care they have given Kelly.

They have set up a GoFundMe page, raising over £10,000.

Now she is desperate to get home for Christmas and to be back with him. To donate to Kelly’s cause, visit here.

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