Researchers warn of dangerous trend as survey finds women self-criticise eight times a day

Women are becoming more self-critical with the average woman criticising herself at least eight times a day, new research reveals.

We wouldn’t say it about a friend, so why do we think it about ourselves?

Weight Watchers recently surveyed 2,000 women in the U.K. and found that the average woman criticizes herself at least eight times a day. Anxieties over weight, appearance, finances, and career are among the top insecurities.

Not only do we put ourselves down, we’re unlikely to truly accept compliments. The survey revealed that many women have a habit of “deliberately deflecting compliments,” and 89 percent gave compliments to other women that they wouldn’t believe about themselves.

Experts blame a collective culture of selfies and Instagram that places a high value on physical beauty. “Today’s hectic and visually-driven world has meant that we’re seeing a rise in women being self-critical, from the way they look to the way they feel at work,” Zoe Griffiths, head of public health and programming at Weight Watchers, told the Daily Mail.

This Weight Watchers research has been conducted as part of #WomanKind, a nationwide campaign that explores why modern women are unkind to themselves and how they can counter this cultural habit, making healthier choices and building better relationships with themselves.


1. Weight
2. Appearance
3. Career
4. Finances
5. Relationship


1. You’re too fat/overweight
2. Your hair is a mess
3. Your belly looks big
4. You don’t do enough exercise
5. Feeling scruffy next to other women
6. Not earning enough money
7. You say you are having a ‘fat day’
8. Not wearing certain items of clothing because you think you can’t pull it off
9. You wish you were as photogenic as other women on social media
10. You deflect compliments by saying something negative about yourself
11. You worry people are talking about you behind your back
12. Feeling underdressed
13. I’m not stylish enough
14. You don’t have sex with your partner enough
15. You aren’t as creative as other women
16. Your bum looks big
17. You aren’t as organised as other women
18. You don’t spend as much time with your friends as you should
19. You’re not wearing enough make-up
20. You aren’t attractive to your partner

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