Woman receives £100 from anonymous stranger who praised the ‘amazing job’ she was doing

Mother-of-three Sarah Bartlett was left in “utter shock” when she received an anonymous card with £100 as a reward for being a good mum.

The anonymous card read: ‘Darling Sarah, from another mummy who has noticed that you do an amazing job, enjoy the enclosed, for you. Be blessed.’

The 37-year-old, who is mum to Holly, 17, Ben, ten, and five-year-old Georgia, said she initially thought it might just be a belated birthday card.

She said: ‘But when I opened it, I started to cry with happiness. I am just so grateful and cannot thank them enough.

‘It’s not all about the money, it’s the gesture which made me feel so incredibly happy. It made my week.

‘It’s not every day something like that happens – I’ve never experienced anything like this before.’

Sarah, who received the card last Sunday called the anonymous sender ‘kind-hearted and selfless’ because she ‘didn’t want any praise from it’.

She said: ‘I literally have no idea who this anonymous person could be – I asked my friends but they told me they didn’t send anything.’

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