Canadian schoolboy William Gadoury discovers long-lost ancient Mayan city

A 15-year-old boy is reported to have found the location of a lost Mayan City, recently. William Gadoury, from Quebec, Canada used ancient astronomy and new age geo-tracking technology to discover the location of a long forgotten Mayan city, hidden in the depths of the jungles of Mexico.

Gadoury was looking at Mayan constellations when he decided to overlay a map of the Yucatan Peninsula with the constellation map. That’s when he realized that the locations of the known Mayan cities lined up perfectly with the stars in Mayan constellations.

Gadoury then noticed that the third star in the 23rd constellation was missing on the map. The star’s absence prompted Gadoury to do some digging. He found satellite images from space agencies such as NASA, JAXA (from Japan), and Google Earth, and located the exact placement of the star. Then, adding the star to his constellation map, Gadoury was able to predict where the as-yet unidentified Mayan city would be.

Yucatan Living’s account of Gadoury’s discovery was posted to Reddit on May 8, and it has since gone viral.

According to Redditors who researched the story further, archaeologists used satellite topography to locate the various structures of the city, thus proving Gadoury’s claim. The lost city reportedly contains a pyramid that is 86 meters in height, as well as 30 other visible structures.

The city’s placement is in a very remote part of the Yucatan peninsula right on the border with Belize. The area is covered under roughly 800 years of foliage, which may explain why it has remained undiscovered all these years.

There are very few surface rivers in the Yucatan, which contains a vast network of underground rivers and waterways. Some have theorized that the city is likely located near such a network.

Gadoury named his newly-discovered city K’aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire.

The teenager is hoping to travel to the International Science Fair in Brazil in 2017, but lacks the necessary funds to do so, Yucatan Living notes. If interested in helping, you can contact him at [email protected]

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