Dead 50-foot squid washes ashore [Video]

A giant “squid-like” creature has washed up on the coast of an Indonesia island leaving locals baffled.

It was so strange that it was initially mistaken for a stranded boat by Asrul Tuanakota, 37, who discovered the huge fleshy blob.

The creature appeared just off Indonesia’s Maluku province – some fishermen were convinced it was the remains of a giant squid.

Others who viewed the footage suggested it was a decomposing humpback whale.

The clip shows the beast’s discoloured body spewing blood and other fluids as it decomposes.

Residents have begged the government to remove it from the water as a result of the overpowering stench it has.

It’s not clear what caused the animal to was up on the shore, but it’s believed to have been dead for at least three days before it was found on Tuesday evening (May 9).

The animal is just the latest huge creature to have baffled onlookers by washing ashore in recent months.

Alarmed locals near Hartland Quay in Devon called in the government when a dead whale was spotted on the beach in March.

And a month before, a massive sea monster was compared to an alien when it appeared on the Perth coast in Australia.

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