Europe to build base on MOON by 2030 using 3D printer (Photo)

A MANNED base on the moon should become reality by 2030, according to the European Space Agency – using 3D printers.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has reiterated a desire to explore the galaxy from a ‘moon village’ built from regolith – a naturally occurring material on the moon which would protect the base from radiation.

The ‘village’ would most likely be built on the rim of a south pole crater called Shackleton, where it would receive almost limitless solar power.

‘The ESA space-exploration strategy sets the Moon as a priority destination for humans on the way to Mars,’ Kathy Laurini, of Nasa, told

‘And the recent talk of a “moon village” certainly has generated a lot of positive energy in Europe – [of] Europe playing a role in a global human exploration scenario.’

Under the plans robots would first be sent to the moon to collect data, and a human colony would follow.

Jeffrey S. Overstreet

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