Forfar osprey spotted safe and well in Africa, Report

A Scottish osprey missing for 18 months after its tracker stopped working has been discovered on a beach in western Senegal.

The three-year-old male, known as Blue YD, was born on a Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) reserve in Angus and had been fitted with a satellite tag.

But conservationists lost track of the young bird after its tag stopped transmitting in May 2014.

Now Blue YD has been sighted in Senegal, a popular spot for wintering ospreys.

Ospreys in Britain migrate to west Africa for winter and usually return to their breeding areas in March but experts say younger birds may not reappear at the sites from which they fledge for several years.

“It was fantastic to see that Blue YD was alive and well. He’ll no doubt be enjoying the final few weeks of warmth before he makes his way back to the UK for the breeding season at the end of March.”

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