Get involved with birdwatching and help our native birds survive, RSPB

The Big Garden Birdwatch, an annual birdwatching event to record species spotted across the UK, is expected to draw more than half a million participants this weekend.

For almost 40 years people have been taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch, counting the feathered friends in their garden to help the RSPB understand how they are doing.

Last year more than half a million people across the UK took part, making Big Garden Birdwatch the world’s biggest wildlife survey. For the third year running, the RSPB is also asking about other wildlife seen in the garden throughout the year, such as hedgehogs, foxes, stoats and squirrels, to help build an overall picture of how important the green spaces are for giving nature a home.

More than 8.5 million birds were spotted visiting gardens with house sparrows topping the list, and some families reporting unusual species, such as skylarks, making an appearance outside their back doors.

Tom Waters of RSPB’s wildlife team, said: “It really is as simple as spending an hour looking out of the window and enjoying seeing the wildlife that comes to you. You don’t need any special equipment, although if you take any photos we would love to see them. Then at the end of your hour send us your results to tell us what you saw.

“We have an online pack with everything you will need. There is even a handy guide to help you find out which bird is which, so you can tell a robin from a rook!”

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