Giant earthworms discovered on remote Scottish island, Report

Giant earthworms the size of a baby snake and weighing as much as a small mouse have been found in Britain.

Researchers working on the Isle of Rum, off Scotland, have found the monster critters, the biggest ever seen in the UK.

Some are a whopping 41cm long, the size of a newly-hatched adder, having blossomed due to the rich soil on the Inner Hebrides and a lack of predators.

Dr Kevin Butt, lead researcher on the earthworm study by the University of Central Lancashire, said: “These things weigh about 12.5 grams – but the normal size is about four to five grams.”

“When these things came out of their burrows they were like small snakes,” he said.

Dr Butt believes the Rum worms are bigger than average due to their remote, undisturbed location, with good quality soil.

Rum also lacks predators such as badgers, moles, hedgehogs and foxes which would usually gobble the worms before they had chance to grow into monsters.

Unlike most animals, which stop growing once they reach an adult size, earthworms keep on growing if left alone.

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