Hundreds of pink plastic bottles wash up on Cornish beach (Photo)

Thousands of pink plastics detergent bottles have washed up on beaches in the UK county of Cornwall following the recent storms.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has taken samples from the contents from opened bottles to check whether it is dangerous to health.

The National Trust, which own Poldhu beach, have arranged for the bottles to be cleared away.

Until scientists give the all-clear, Cornwall Council is to post signs warning people to keep dogs and children away.

The MCA said it had contacted a detergent company which uses similar packaging to find out if a shipment had been lost at sea.

Spokesman Heather Skull said the spillage was being investigated to see whether the liquid, which has spilled from some of the open bottles, was hazardous.

“Officers have certain theories about where these bottles came from because they are so distinctive,” she added.

“We are speaking to the company to see if they had a ship in that area.”

Locals alerted the MCA to the spillage and took to social media to warn people.

The Twitter account @friendsofpoldhu tweeted: “In the pink is not what we want on our beach! These are full and a potential danger to wildlife.”

Cornwall Council said there were reports of similar spills at other beaches along the Lizard and bottles out at sea.

It said notices would be posted in the area, adding: “Cornwall Council has been made aware of reports of plastic bottles washed up on Poldhu Beach.

“The Council and partners, including the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and Natural England, will be monitoring beaches in the area and will follow up on any further reports. In the meantime the public are advised to keep children and dogs at a safe distance from the bottles should any more be washed up. No attempt should be made to recover the bottles.”

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