‘Interstellar mother ship’ spotted near Jupiter – Watch

Mysterious footage of a large, unidentified structure was captured by Louis Read, a Martian researcher from Bristol.

Louis caught the intriguing images on a Canon 650D camera with a telescopic lens, positioning the device on a tripod in someone’s back garden.

Voiced by the mysterious, “Tyler”, the short six minute clip explores and magnifies the images, hoping to persuade viewers that they are witnessing alien life.

Tyler says Louis was compelled to send him the pictures – which he had taken in his Bristol garden – after seeing the strange “figure of eight shaped object” approaching the satellite.

“Something immediately stood out to him that didn’t fit,” Tyler explains.

“It was something that wasn’t part of Jupiter’s moon system. This definitely isn’t one of Jupiter’s moons.

“This object should not be there in the image.”

The Secure Team 10 group studied the images and compared them to maps of the solar system before increasing the exposure to take a closer look.

Tyler says: “We definitely have a reflective UFO caught on camera. This is an amazing find and definitely looks like a structure to me – and could be multiple structures grouped together.

“One thing for sure is that it does not belong, and it would not surprise me in the least if this is some sort of alien craft out there near Jupiter.

“Jupiter has long been shrouded in mystery along with its moons, particularly that of Europa.”

The UFO fan claims that Europa, one of Jupiter’s 67 moons, will be the next exploration site for NASA.

He also suggest that scientists believe “alien life is likely existing in the vast oceans” under the satellite’s icy surface.


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