Is Planet X real? Video shows ‘fireball falling from Nibiru as it nears Earth’

Video footage has emerged supposedly showing a fireball trailing a doom planet on a collision course with Earth.

A bright orange object has been captured falling down to Earth in Bermuda in the Pacific Ocean.

It was uploaded to YouTube with the title: “Nibiru Planet X 2017 update – Planet X possible sighting over Bermuda.”

The uploader “Explore the world” explains: “It shows a very large fireball coming out of the sky. I’ve seen similar videos by a young lady in the state of Indiana who is thought to have filmed one of the first Nibiru fly-bys.”

He believes the object is debris from Planet X as it approaches the Earth and dismissed theories it could be plane wreckage.

The conspiracy theorist adds: “I can clearly see when you are zoomed in, that is a large spherical object.”

What does Nibiru mean?

Nibiru is another name for Planet X, with the Nibiru cataclysm referring to the supposed apocalypse as a result of the mysterious planet.

There are a few variants to the theory, but all claim that the menacing planet is huge and well on its way towards our Solar System.

Some think it will crash directly into Earth, shattering our planet into a cloud of space dust.

Others claim it will scrape past us, but its size will drag the Earth off its axis and into chaos regardless.

Is Planet X real?

Believers are certain that Planet X is real and heading Earthwards – although Christian conspiracy theorists don’t exactly have the best track record.

Based on their modelling, Nasa scientists do think there could be another planet in our Solar System, although they don’t yet know for sure.

Nicknamed “Planet Nine”, the planet is estimated to have a mass ten times greater than that of the Earth.

Researchers think the planet, the furthest in our Solar System, could take between 10,000 and 20,000 years to complete one orbit of the sun.

Naturally, conspiracy theorists have jumped on the idea of a ninth planet, which they claim could be the Planet X they’ve been warning us about.

But Nasa claims the apocalyptic theory is a load of nonsense – although they admit that a harmless Planet X could be drifting at the edge of the Solar System.

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