Researchers discover 800-year-old ‘alien mobile phone’ in Austria

UFO scientists believe planet earth was once visited by aliens because of an “800-year-old mobile phone that has been dug up in Austria.”

The video posted on the Paranormal Crucible YouTube channel – shows an artefact reportedly discovered by archaeologists during a dig in in Fuschl am See in Austria.

Despite allegedly being 800 years old, the artefact looks very similar to a mobile phone. It has a screen, control keys and 12 keys with Cuneiform symbols. This writing system was first used by the Sumerian, an ancient people living in Babylonia (part of present-day Iraq).

The video says that UFO researchers have theorised that “an advanced extra-terrestrial species visited earth in the distance past. If this is true, then its possible artefacts like this were copied directly from extra-terrestrial technology.”

Is it a hoax or valuable archaeological find? One conspiracy website questions how an object from the Middle East ended up in Europe.

Eileen E. White

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