Researchers Still Baffled by Mysterious Star, Alien ‘Megastructure’ Theory Still Holds

The weirdest star in the cosmos just got a lot weirder. And yes, it might be aliens.

Known as KIC 8462852, or Tabby’s star, it has been baffling astronomers for the past few months after a team of researchers noticed its light seemed to be dipping in brightness in bizarre ways. Proposed explanations ranged from a cloud of comets to orbiting “alien megastructures”.

Scientists felt the strange-looking star was probably made of bits of comet.

But maybe scientists were too early to call it, as there’s a new theory that could support the idea of aliens being involved.

An investigation by Louisiana State University astronomer Bradley Schaefer has thrown up an interesting theory.

One of the most distinctive things about the star is the way it changes from being really bright to really dark, sometimes losing 20 per cent of its brightness.

This could suggest that something is blocking the light at random times – and it can’t be a planet or something that orbits around it due to the irregular times it happens.

He told New Scientist: ‘The comet-family idea was reasonably put forth as the best of the proposals, even while acknowledging that they all were a poor lot.

‘But now we have a refutation of the idea, and indeed, of all published ideas.’

And it turns out the changes in brightness of the star have been happening for more than 100 years.

It could mean that an alien civilisation is slowly expanding, and periodically blocking the light.

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