UFO Hunters Claim to Find Ancient Alien Mothership on Mars (Photo)

A new video has emerged on the internet that claims to have found evidence of a crashed alien mothership on Mars’ surface. The video shows a long object photographed on the surface of Mars by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor. The object has been reconstructed and processed to liken it to a UFO.

The shape, which is said to be 1.3 miles long, could be a crashed spacecraft created by an alien civilisation, it has been claimed.

The “vehicle” was spotted by Paranormal Crucible who posted the video on Youtube.

The video description states: “I have processed, colorized and rebuilt the object and in my opinion it is a craft of some kind, possibly tens of thousands of years old.

“The object is too degraded to enhance totally so I have rebuilt it using the points of interest that are shown in the video.

“It’s also over a mile long, so this must have been a mothership, either a Martian one or possibly an off planet alien species, but why did it crash?”

But some people who watched it appear not to be convinced and have their own theories about what the object is.

One said: “It’s sunken ground, not raised, look at the location of the light and the shadows compared to the surrounding craters.

“If anything it’s a ramp down into a tunnel.”

Another added: “It’s actually a rather deep ditch. The real mystery is how the hell it got out there? It’s in the middle of a very flat desert.”

“Looks more like a p***s to me than a mothership,” one joked, with another adding: “It’s a galactic dildo.”

Others saw the funny side, with one viewer writing: “Is that an Emperial Cruiser? Where’s Luke Skywalker when you need him, lol.”

The outlandish video has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

This is not the first time that strange objects have been spotted on the surface of Mars. People have previously claimed to have identified pyramids, the Stone Henge, a human face, and even a floating spoon on the planet. Whether there is or has ever been life on Mars is a matter of great interest for both scientists and speculators.

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