Dad builds gorgeous baseball field in backyard for 5-year-old son

We met a dad in Brookfield, Ohio, who made his 5-year-old son’s dreams come true by building a baseball field in their own backyard.

Jason Kidd and his son were playing T-ball a couple of years ago, when the little boy made a request: “Can we have a baseball field in our backyard?”

Kidd initially blew off the request. A few days later, he started to think. Remove those trees, get rid of that hill.

“I realized there was enough room for a whiffle ball field,” Kidd, 36, said.

Kidd, who’s been an Indians fan since he was a kid, decided to build his own Jacobs Field in his Brookfield, Ohio backyard, about 70 miles southeast of Cleveland, in Trumbull County. Or as still likes to call it, the Jake.

“Like a lot of diehard Tribe fans, I keep referring to it as the Jake, even though it’s Progressive Field,” he said.

He nicknamed his backyard baseball field the Re-Jake. The field was completed last week, after two years of planning. All in, the baseball field renovation cost about $30,000.

Kidd said he first learned at baseball at a young age, and thinks the new field is a great way to teach his son, now 5, the game.

His son is thrilled with his personal ball park.

“Oh my gosh, he flipped. He just loved it,” Kidd said. “The first thing he wanted to do was go run the bases, and have me hit ground balls to him, play catch.”

Though a couple neighbors raised concerns about the field initially, Kidd said he’s heard mostly positive buzz about the new ball field. When he’s out taking care of the field, people driving by stop to tell him how great it is.

“We’re looking forward to getting some games going,” Kidd said.

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