Hoverboard bursts into flames with rider still on it (Video)

A SHOCKING new video shows the exact moment a self-balancing board – dubbed hoverboard – ERUPTED into flames under the owners’ feet.

British hoverboard owner Kevin MacLeod claims he was filming his first attempt on the new gadget because he “thought i would end up falling over and wanted to catch it on video.”

“I started to stand back and look hesitant because I started to hear a kind of faint hissing sound just before the smoke I stood back to look down as to what it was. Before I could really react to that it was smoking then just went up in flames,” he wrote in the comments.

The YouTube user does not mention the brand name of the hoverboard; however, he did note that he purchased it from a seller on eBay.

“No wonder you’re not allowed to bring them on flights,” he said in the video.

Stories of hoverboards bursting into flames have been widely reported over the last two months. In December, Amazon pulled many popular hoverboard models from its website after authorities around the world issued warnings about the safety of the devices. Many airlines, including Air Canada, have barred travelers from bringing them on board planes.

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