Looking for friends without benefits? Try Tinder Social

GoTinder officially announced they would release Tinder Social, and this new feature will let users to connect with friends and to synchronize their calendars.

Tinder Social is more than just a platform to broadcast your whereabouts. You can invite people to join you and your friends and get to know one another. You’ll never know who you’ll meet or if you’ll finally meet your future partner. There’s no harm in trying. You’re on Tinder anyway so might as well make the most of it and use Tinder Social to further your connections.

First launched in Australia in its testing phase, the new platform will allow you to have a more active social life. If you haven’t really gone out to meet someone new you see on Tinder, now is the time.

Tinder Social needs to be unlocked first before you can use the app. You’ll see your friends who are on it. If you’ve already moved on from your previous relationship, go on and invite your contacts to go out tonight. Prepare yourself for a grand time because your social life is about to improve.

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