Pokemon Go UK: Servers go down as access demand rockets

Terror outbreaks, citizens uprising, army coup attempts and now an attack takes down Pokemon GO. What’s the world coming to?

And now millions of players across the globe are unable to access the game again.
An unofficial Twitter account posting news about the phenomenon said trainers in ‘most regions’ are experiencing problems.

‘Trainers should once again be able to search for Pokémon in the real world.’

However players were still complaining that they were encountering glitches and being met with the message: ‘Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later.’

Others who managed to access the augmented reality app added that they encountered errors while exploring the game’s world.

Players on Twitter questioned whether the company’s technical system could handle the global launch and expressed their frustration at the prolonged issues.

One user with the handle @paradigmstyles said on Twitter: ‘why would you release it in 26 countries if you already can’t take care of the server issues? #PokemonGO’
The account Longmankind added: ‘Server situation in #PokemonGO is getting to the point of me not wanting to play anymore. Unacceptable!’

A congregation in Birmingham, West Midlands was left baffled when their Sunday service was bombarded with gamers.

City Road Methodist Church in Birmingham, West Mids, opened its doors to players after the building was revealed as a ‘gym’ in the popular game last week.

The church even put a tongue-in-cheek sign in the window, declaring “Jesus cares about Pokemon gamers”.

But the game has sparked controversy with police called to a number of incidents including robberies and burglaries involving gamers.

Four teenagers had to be rescued after getting lost in a mine complex for about six hours while hunting for creatures in Wiltshire.

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