Powerful DDoS Attack Shuts Down All BBC Websites, Reports

BBC’s websites were unavailable early Thursday morning after they became victim of a cyberattack which knocked them offline.

BBC services including the News iPlayer and iPlayer Radio went offline as a result of an alleged cyber-attack December 31, according to a statement by the media corporation. Following the statement, BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones confirmed the announcement on Twitter.

Alan Woodward, a visiting professor at the University of Surrey’s department of computing, described the attack in an interview with Mirror Online as “large and sustained,” adding that, “The BBC is an obvious target and so it does take steps to mitigate any DDoS attacks.”

So, far no person or entity has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

BBC spent at least four hours fixing problems with their various websites.

“The BBC website is now back up and operating normally. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced,” the broadcaster’s statement reads.

The company’s troubles caused a burst in social media, with many expressing outrage while others hotly debated the causes and consequences of the hack.

Muriel M. Delossantos

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