Scorned woman gets revenge on man by offering all his clothes ‘free to a good home’ (Photo)

A SCORNED woman is believed to have dumped a man’s clothes on top of a car in Leigh.

The car, which is understood to be in Charles Street in Leigh, was snapped on New Year’s Eve by a pedestrian and has now gone viral after being shared more than 120 times on Facebook.

The photo captioned: “Men’s clothes – free to a good home” has been shared numerous times online since its posting.

The picture shows the roof and bonnet of a black 4×4 car covered in a collection of shirts, jeans and jackets, suspected to have been put there by a scorned woman.

Attached to the back window of the vehicle is a white cloth with the advertisement scrawled in red writing.

The person whose handiwork it’s thought to be has yet to come forward and it’s still unclear why the items are there, perhaps it’s a case of out with the old and in with the new.

Laura F. Nixon

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