Ultimate Hangover Angel: Domino’s Pizza Just Delivered a New Apple Watch App

If you’re a Domino’s Pizza addict, there’s now a faster way to get some fresh slices hurtling towards your front door. The company has updated its Apple Watch app with “Easy Order,” a feature that lets you set up a specific basket and then, when hunger strikes, order it again with a single tap.

Once you’ve installed the app and set your favourite pizza in the ‘Easy Order’ basket in the Domino’s website, you can have it delivered with a solitary press of your display.

The app’s Pizza Tracker function even lets you keep track of your order, so you can prepare yourself for pizza time appropriately.

“The restorative effects of our pizza are widely known as is our passion for innovation, so pairing the new Easy Order with the Apple Watch – the ultimate convenience gadget – is a match made in heaven,” said Domino’s marketing chief Simon Wallis.

“The possibilities of smartwatch ordering mean our pizza fans will never be further than a wrist tap away from their emergency Pepperoni Passion or Texas BBQ.”

New Year’s Day is the busiest time of the year for Domino’s, with the pizza provider set to deliver an estimated 2,290,288 slices to help ease Britain’s collective hangover.

Laura F. Nixon

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