‘Barbie bandit’ Georgia Wawman accused of burglarising luxury homes in Buenos Aires

A mum dubbed the Barbie Bandit has been arrested in Argentina with her robber ex-lover amid claims she is the kingpin of a gang of ruthless armed raiders.

Mother-of-one Georgia Annie Wawman, 26, is suspected of being part of a gang which targeted gated communities and country clubs stealing jewellery, laptops, tablets, cameras and watches.

Miss Wawman, from Malborough in Wiltshire, was arrested along with eight suspected gang members in a series of police raids on Thursday in the neighbourhood of Manzanares.

Her boyfriend Jose Mino, 32, was also arrested.

They are suspected of carrying out 16 raids in the northern regions of Campaña, Escobar and Zarate.

The gang are believed to have dressed up as police officers prior to the raids to target their victims without raising suspicions.

It is thought she played a minor role during the burglaries.

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