Gangsters face at least 94 years in jail after ATM raids [Video]

A gang convicted of a series of ATM raids Tayside and across the UK are facing a total of 94 years in jail.

The CCTV footage has been released as the daring gang were sentenced for a string of attacks on cash machines all over Scotland.

The gang used explosive gas pumped directly into cash machines using rubber tubing to cause the blasts and used stolen cars to lead police on high-speed pursuits reaching 150mh.

A judge told the seven men: “You believed as a gang that you were above the law and you behaved accordingly. You are professional criminals – skilled, determined and ruthless – who have a total contempt for the law, law enforcement authorities and the well being of ordinary members of society.”

Judge Alan Conrad, QC, who presided over the three month trial, said “the overwhelming impression that remains with me is one of breathtaking arrogance on your part.

“It is apparent that a number of you are highly intelligent and resourceful. You could have used those talents legitimately and honestly to achieve success but you chose not to and instead applied them to professional crime.

“No doubt you were attracted by the thrill of organising and carrying out these offences – by acquiring and driving expensive high performance cars – the identification and reconnaissance of suitable targets – the putting in place of men and equipment – the high speed chases and the attempts to stay one step ahead of the police.

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