Labour MP Simon Danczuk texting Sophena Houlihan again

Simon Danczuk today faced more pressure to resign after allegedly “pestering” his sex-text teenager again.

Sophena Houlihan contacted Mr Danczuk on Saturday to say she wanted to apologise and four days later he responded and tried to persuade her to meet for a coffee by saying it would “actually be funny” and told her she would be paid a fee if she agreed to be photographed by an agency alongside him.

Mr Danczuk is facing the prospect of being expelled from Labour after Ms Houlihan revealed graphic text message exchanges between the pair.

Ms Houlihan, who exposed Mr Danczuk’s explicit messages in a national newspaper, declined the meeting and accused the MP of caring only about media attention.

The MP was suspended following the allegations and will now face disciplinary proceedings brought by the Labour party.

In a series of messages sent on Wednesday night Mr Danczuk wrote: “Come on, let’s do this first meeting . . . it’ll actually be funny!

“It sounds like a good idea to me, think they’ll pay you a fee etc take photos.”

The MP is also facing an investigation by Lancashire Police into rape allegations dating back to 2006. But he has dismissed them, calling the allegations “malicious, untrue and extremely upsetting”.

His personal life has repeatedly made the headlines over the past year following the collapse of his second marriage, to “selfie pictures queen” Karen Danczuk.

Muriel M. Delossantos

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