Paul Mason Fears ‘Brexit’ Because ‘Crazed’ Tories Would Take Over, Report

Maverick left-wing journalist Paul Mason has launched a furious attack on the “crazed right-wing Conservatives” who will take over the country if Britain votes to leave the European Union.

On BBC’s Question Time, the former Newsnight economics correspondent warned the prospect of victory for the Leave campaign, led by Boris Johnson, was enough for him to vote to stay – despite favouring ‘Brexit’ because of the lack of democracy in Brussels.

Mason said: “Let me be clear about what I’m saying about the Conservatives. We know what a £35,000-a-year education at Eton buys you.

“It is the ability dos and up, slang off your opponents – if you’re not winning the argument start raising ludicrous points about the EU banning banana bunches more than three.

“And if that doesn’t work you tussle your hair and you grin in a kind of inane manner.”

He continued: “If I had paid £35,000-a-year and sent somebody to Eton and they came out doing that, I’d be disgusted.”

One member of the audience took Mason to task for his attacks on Mr Johnson.

He said: “I would just like to take issue with Paul Mason’s comments about ‘right-wing’ Conservatives.

“It is clear in the manifesto that there was going to be a referendum.

“To brand Conservatives generally – I think it is about 10million people – as crazed right-wingers is just appalling.”

Amber Rudd also fought back against Mason. She said: “Here you are, a brilliant man, and you are focusing on someone’s education, rather than the arguments for or against the EU.

“I am not worried about that [the prospect of Boris Johnson leading the party].

“What I am worried about is these personal insults.”

During Thursday’s show UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall said it was not racist to be concerned over immigration in the UK.

He said: “New figures show that five out of six new jobs go to people who weren’t born here – we need to control our own borders.

“We know from the ONS report last week that 800,000 came from the European Union last year.

“But the Government tell us it was only 257,000… We are basically under a deluge of people coming here.

“The only way we will control our borders is by voting to leave the EU on June 23.”

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