Pregnant motorist jailed after driving into cyclist who confronted her for text driving

A pregnant motorist who chased and ploughed into a cyclist, sending him flying into a tree, has been jailed for three years.

Justine Henshaw-Bryan, 25, from London, was caught on camera chasing cyclist Damien Doughty, ramming him into a tree at great speed.

Damien, 40, was rushed to intensive care with fractured ribs and a severe laceration to his liver.

Damien had earlier reprimanded Justine when the two nearly collided for being on her phone whilst driving.

Justine responded by telling him to “f*ck off” and showed him her middle finger – which didn’t go down well with Damien, who admitted to “kicking her wing mirror” in fury.

But that is nothing compared to Justine’s next actions – which, unluckily for her, were caught by a CCTV camera.

The footage shows Justine, who is currently three months pregnant, chasing down the cyclist in her former boyfriend’s Ford Fiesta.

She then horrifyingly rammed her car into him, sending him flying into a nearby tree.

The woman did not stop, and carried on driving.

Damien, who is a freelance courier, could not work whilst he recovered from his injuries, leaving him forced to set up a crowdfunding page to help pay his rent.

Justine tried to say that her “violent” ex-boyfriend had actually taken the wheel and caused the incident, something he vehemently denied.

The jury found her guilty, and she was sentenced to three years – meaning that she faces the prospect of giving birth in prison.

She was also given a four-and-a-half year driving ban and six points on her license.


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