Suspected paedophile caught hours after he is named on ‘most wanted’ list in Spain

Police swarmed suspected paedophile Sammon’s camper van in the popular Costa del Sol holiday resort of Fuengirola.

Matthew Sammon, 43, was caught hours after the National Crime Agency and Crimestoppers launched an appealed for help to find him and nine others.

He had been living in the van and working as a labourer since going on the run after being arrested in London two years ago.

When he arrived we called British investigators from the National Crime Agency (NCA), who had launched its latest Most Wanted appeal earlier in the morning.

Within an hour, two undercover Spanish detectives walked silently in the dark towards Sammon’s van and arrested him.

He put up no struggle as the officers checked his passport before driving him away to fingerprint him.

An expat, plasterer Danny Reid, had alerted Crimestoppers earlier in the day.

He said: “I’m glad he’s in custody where he belongs.”

Steve Reynolds, of the NCA, said: “This shows the system works.

“We aimed our appeal at the expat community and one of them has responded very quickly.

“I’m delighted at the speed we have made the first arrest.”

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