UK weather: Snow Alert As Mercury Set To Dip Below Freezing

Britain is bracing itself for blasts of snow, ice and frost as temperatures plummet to below freezing in parts of Scotland and England.

It says outbreaks of rain and sleet, with snow over hills will spread east during today, before increasingly turning to snow in places.

It adds: “This seems likely to happen during Wednesday evening across southern areas of Scotland, perhaps including parts of the central belt. The trend to wintry weather then extends into parts of northern England during the rest of Wednesday night, clearing from Yorkshire during the morning.

“At this stage, it looks as if the heaviest snow will affect parts of southern Scotland and upland areas of northern England, including cross-Pennine routes, where three to six centimetres may fall in a number of areas, with possibly as much as ten centimetres locally, mainly above elevations of 300 metres.

“Please be aware of the risk of disruption to travel, and take appropriate precautions before undertaking journeys. It will also be worth keeping fully up to date with the latest forecasts – details of amounts and areas affected may well change.”

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