a “total impasse” for Adrien Quatennens

The government’s stimulus plan will finally be presented in early September. For LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens, the first measures unveiled during the summer are for the moment the echo of “outdated software”, which he hopes to see strong in the coming days.


“A recovery plan without a recovery policy.” For LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens, the recovery plan that will be presented in early September by the executive looks insufficient. “Of the 100 billion announced, several tens of billions have already been spent on several corrective stimulus plans. It is a display effect,” he points to Europe 1 on Sunday.

From the first measures unveiled during the summer by the government, Adrien Quatennens retains “nothing to support popular consumption and household demand, nothing to involve those who have the most”. “But there is the eternal vision of Emmanuel Macron according to which it would be enough to catapult public aid onto companies without asking them for social or environmental compensation for activity to revive. I believe that it is a total impasse, outdated software. “

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He calls on the government to “beef up” his plan

In order to devote himself “more completely” to the deadlines of the re-entry on the health plan, the government announced on Saturday that the presentation of the plan, initially scheduled for Tuesday, would be postponed by a week. “We wonder if it is a postponement for personal convenience, if it is linked to the health crisis or if the government intends to further strengthen this recovery plan, which I am calling for”, reacts the deputy LFI.

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Saturday, the rebellious Eric Coquerel had qualified this postponement of “bewildering”. “They are incapable, incapable of setting up a strong social state,” he had won over Europe 1.

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