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Everyone wants a piece of J Balvin’s McDonald’s artist meal but only a few are able to collect the funds necessary to procure the reggaeton superstar’s gem-studded McDonald’s-inspired necklace, created by Saint Jewels. Founded by Gerard Alexander, the jeweler pieced together a series of sparkly snacks that tie in perfectly with Balvin’s preferred menu items.

Crafted to be tough as nails and unmistakably bold, Alexander’s creations include a minute Big Mac sandwich, box of french fries, Oreo McFlurry and a special serving tray (no ketchup, but it’s there in spirit). The tray is layered with a vivid splash of scratch resistant red coating and the food items can be attached to it or worn individually. Each piece features a yellow gold base and is elevated by pavé-set rubies, diamonds, tsavorites, sapphires and emeralds, depending on the treat it’s meant to imitate.

“It’d be easy to say the McFlurry was my favorite piece to design, with its two different cuts of white diamonds on the body and ice cream portion,” Alexander said in a statement. “But I feel like the detachable iconic red McDonald’s tray is what stands out the most. I didn’t want to do enamel on such a large piece [and] a rose gold isn’t saturated enough to give it that red effect.”

“The tray is special … because of the nanoceramic e-coating we used, which is something that most jewelers don’t even know exists, let alone know how to execute. We turned this project around quickly and poured the most innovative techniques into it to make the look just right.”

Visit Saint Jewels’ website to keep up with the jeweler’s upcoming projects and creations.

Plenty of iced-out accessories have emerged recently, including the gem-studded owl-laden key that Drake gave DJ Khaled.

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Used to work at McDonalds on Main st. in Flushing, Queens circa 1997… now they paying for my meals! [email protected] #mcdonalds #jbalvin

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