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If there is one thing we can all agree on at Scouted it’s this: Brooklinen rocks. We’ve tried and tested plenty of their stuff and it’s pretty freaking’ amazing. From their towels to their bedsheets, we’ve found little to complain about, and even some of their smaller, niche items have wowed us, too. If you’re looking to shop Brooklinen, we’ve rounded up everything we’ve tried, tested, and loved, all in one place.

Scouted Contributor Rachel Dube argues that the Luxe Sateen sheets from Brooklinen changed the way she sleeps. She writes, “Aside from being insanely soft, they’re also super breathable due to the cotton material and have a 480 thread count. In addition, the wide array of simplistic colors and patterns makes them easy to match with any pre-existing comforter set or duvet cover that you have.”

Ultralight Down Comforter

If you’re a hot sleeper, fear not, Brooklinen makes a comforter that is perfect just for you. “Brooklinen ultralight weight down comforter is shockingly soft to the touch, but will keep you sweat free night in and night out. Plus, it has loops in every corner to prevent your comforter from sinking to the bottom of your duvet.”

Super Plush Bath Towel Bundle

Looking for new bath towels? Look no further. “When you step out of the shower, there is nothing like wrapping yourself up in this towel. It’s unbelievably soft, so soft, it feels like you could use it both as a towel and as a blanket if you wanted to. Even when you’re dry (which will be pretty immediate), you’ll want to keep it wrapped around you. While the towels are plush, there is no fuzz that rubs off on you, and despite their thickness, they dry you and themselves really quickly. But best of all, they hold up and maintain their softness for a long amount of time.”

Ever since trying the towels out, I imagined a world wear I could actually wear them around the house. Enter: the robe. It has turned my measly living room into a spa of fantasies. It’s soft to the skin, drying, and something I never, ever, want to take off.

Surprise surprise, Brooklinen also makes loungewear, and they hit the nail on the damn head with their sweatpants AKA the Bushwick Pant. They are made of fleece, which means they are beyond soft to the touch, and feature an elastic waistband. They also have pockets and are pretty much all you’ll catch me lounging in.

Yes, we love their bath mat, excuse me, bath rug, too, okay? It really is awesome and serves as the perfect coup de grace to any shower. “It’s extra thick and has a non-slip treatment on the bottom so it won’t go anywhere, even when wet. I can picture myself scrunching my toes on it right now.”

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