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As a woman, I’ve been conditioned over and over to think that the things I wear are not for me, undergarments included. Hell, there was an entire televised fashion show for years that touted OTT lingerie, that looked like the ball of yarn in my bedroom that I attempted to turn into a scarf. I feel strongly that underwear, at this point in my life, should be comfortable and Knickey gets that. They’re not covered in lace or bows. There aren’t any peek-a-boos on the butt or things to clip in place. They’re just extremely comfortable, 100% organic cotton underwear that I wish I could wear every day.

While these aren’t made to disappear under clothing (VPL does happen on the non-thong styles), that’s what I love about them. I think I own more pairs of underwear that are just plain comfortable rather than functional. These days, there’s a 50/50 chance I’m wearing sweatpants, so why wear underwear that takes away that comfort? At this point, I could replace most of my underwear with pairs from Knickey.

Knickey underwear comes in a handful of styles, from a classic low-rise thong to the more full-coverage high-rise brief (borderline granny panty, but in a good way). Each cut comes in a few different shades of nude and some brighter solid colors, as well. There are even Starter Sets, which include a pair of underwear in each style, so that you can figure out which works best for you and your body.

So far, I’ve only had a chance to try out the thong and the high-rise brief. The thong is great for every day, as it doesn’t ride up and the shape makes it feel secure without leaving those annoying red marks on your hips. The high-rise brief is my ideal weekend underwear. They were practically made for lounging on the couch sans pants.

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