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Joe Biden and Democratic Party leaders are failing at their stated goal of unifying Americans, Sean Hannity told viewers Friday night. 

The “Hannity” host mocked Biden’s call for unity, pointing to the fact that the party he leads had spent four years making “unrelenting attacks” on President Trump and his administration.

“Now ask yourself about Mr. Biden. When did Mr. ‘I want to unite the nation’ Biden ever speak out about all of the lies and the Russia conspiracy theories and the witch hunt conspiracy theories? When did he ever speak out about the language of the left? Never,” Hannity said. 

“After years of never-ending rage, hysteria, and outright lies, we are now supposed to believe he wants to bring us all together because he says so? His calls for unity ring hollow.”

The host recalled that during the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden remarked in a stump speech that he wanted to to take Trump “behind the gym.”

“So it’s a serious question,” the host continued. “Why would anyone who voted for Trump trust the mob in the media or Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Kamala Harris? If Democrats really cared about the truth and about unity, they would’ve spoken out a long time ago.”

Turning to Wednesday’s violent riot at the Capitol, Hannity said it is wrong for Democrats to paint all Trump supporters with the same brush as the criminal actors who illicitly breached the building and vandalized the seat of America’s legislature.

“The vast majority of the Trump supporters at the rally, 99% of them are good, law-abiding, taxpaying, hardworking American citizens that raise their kids,” he said, “and they were there to have a peaceful protest. 99% were peaceful.”

Hannity: Biden, Democrats must stop ‘vilifying half the country’ if they truly want unity The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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