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President-elect Joe Biden will nominate South Carolina senate candidate Jaime Harrison to lead the Democratic National Committee, multiple outlets reported on Thursday.

Harrison polled neck-and-neck with opponent Senator Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) for much of the race, and raised $57 million in the third quarter alone, with much of the funds coming from out-of-state donors. Graham eventually won reelection by ten points.

Harrison is currently a senior counselor at the DNC and was an aide to House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D., S.C.). The Biden campaign received a major boost in the Democratic primaries following Clyburn’s endorsement, and Clyburn has been actively lobbying to install Harrison as head of the DNC.

The DNC will convene virtually on January 21, one day after Biden’s inauguration, to elect Harrison. Former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile said the choice was a reasonable one.

“He knows the DNC and he knows the party structure,” Brazile told Fox News. Harrison is “a familiar face inside the Democratic Party and he’s someone familiar with Capitol Hill as a former congressional staffer.”

Several state Democratic Party head expressed excitement at Harrison’s impending nomination.

“Jaime will ensure all 57 state parties and territories have the funding we need to not only win elections but to also build up the infrastructure we need to organize year-round,” Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb told Politico. “We cannot afford to be a party that parachutes in resources at the last minute.”

Biden to Nominate Jaime Harrison for DNC Chairman The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ National Review.

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