Bill Cosby wife forced to testify in lawsuit

Bill Cosby’s wife is being compelled to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed against the comedian by seven women who have accused him of sexial assault.

According to reports, on Thursday (December 31st) U.S. Judge Magistrate David Hennessey in Springfield, Mass., said Camille Cosby failed to prove she and her husband were protected by the state’s marital disqualification law. Judge Hennessey also denied claims the value of Camille’s testimony would be outweighed by the “undue burden” of the deposition.

A lawyer for Cosby’s accusers, Joseph Cammarata, argued last month he should be able to question Cosby’s wife because she may have had “information that’s relevant to the litigation in this matter.”

In a motion filed December 18, Cosby’s lawyers said Camille doesn’t have any information about the women’s accusations, and subjecting Camille to a deposition is unnecessary.

“[The deposition]” is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to pressure defendant in the face of subjecting his wife to the shame and embarrassment of responding to questions about his alleged infidelities and sexual misconduct.”

Despite Cosby’s lawyers efforts, Camille Cosby is scheduled to be deposed Wednesday, January 6.

Christopher B. Taub

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