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Having been in Hollywood as long as Brad Pitt has, you might not think he gets starstruck any more. 

Not so, according to Fleabag star Sian Clifford. 

The actor has revealed how Brad had a total fangirl moment when he met the hit BBC Three series’ star and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge at an awards bash. 

Sian revealed details of the “surreal” encounter during an interview in the Guardian when she was asked about her most unexpected meetings off the back of Fleabag. 

She said: “Definitely, doing the award circuit in America. The American Film Institute awards made an exception and recognised Fleabag, and that was basically where we met Brad Pitt.

“Brad Pitt literally fan-girling over Phoebe is without question the most surreal thing I’ll ever see in my life.”

Sian, who played Phoebe’s on-screen sister Claire in Fleabag, continued: “I just shook his hand. Ah, to shake people’s hands. Thank God coronavirus hadn’t arrived then, that would have scuppered that meeting.

“But we laughed for the rest of the day, it was so stupid.”

The second season of Fleabag wrapped up in 2019, with Phoebe insisting in a number of occasions since that it won’t be returning for a third series. 

Phoebe has subsequently worked as a writer on the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, and has also signed an exclusive contract with Amazon Prime to create and produce shows for their platform.

More recently, Phoebe delighted fans by teaming up with Harry Styles in the video for his new single Treat People With Kindness.

Meanwhile, Sian won critical acclaim last year when she played Diana Ingram in the ITV drama Quiz. 

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