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Anyone who watched Netflix’s hit period drama Bridgerton over the holidays likely entered 2021 with a New Year’s resolution to find a romance like Simon and Daphne’s. However, their steamy relationship has not translated off-screen — at least not yet. On Monday, Jan. 11, Regé-Jean Page addressed the rumors he’s dating co-star Phoebe Dynevor, and it’s bad news for anyone who shipped the Duke of Hastings with the eldest Bridgerton daughter.

Fans of the hit Netflix series speculated that the show’s leads were dating in real life simply because of their chemistry. But during a joint interview with Dynevor on Access Hollywood, Page confirmed the only sparks that flew between them were onscreen. “I think everything you need to know is on camera,” he said. “That’s why we presented it so beautifully for you. All the sparks that flew off of the beautiful scripts that we were handed, and so I think that the sparky scripted material are more than enough.”

Luckily, Page and Dynevor have been able to laugh off the rumors rather than take them to heart. When the Access hosts noticed that they were both blushing and speculated that they were actually in the same room, despite being shown on two different cameras, Page joked that they were “playing footsie under here.”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Dynevor attributed their on-screen chemistry to the time they were able to spend off-camera while preparing to film the season. “We had six weeks of prep, so we had so much time to get to know each other,” she explained, adding that their dance rehearsals really helped them bond and get comfortable with each other. “We just got time to play and sort of form a connection,” she continued. “I think that was so beneficial actually in getting the chemistry right.”

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