Capitol Riot Mob Might Have Been Focusing on Mike Pence, Chanted To ‘Dangle’ Vice President – Thebritishjournal

The Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol where Donald Trump supporters breached the building and caused a lockdown in an attempt to prevent the Senate and the House from certifying the Electoral College ballots and officially declaring Joe Biden the next President of the United States may have also had another purpose—taking revenge on political figures who were deemed as traitors to the President.

Photos have since surfaced of the attacks which showed some of those who were a part of the insurrection carrying zip ties, which indicated that if they found any representatives, they had intended to restrain them. A noose was also seen erected on the west side of the complex during the riots, and now, according to reports, there was an intention by at least some of the people present to potentially target the Vice President, Mike Pence, who was present for the certification and had previously stated that he did not have the power to overturn the election results.

Many have since taken to Twitter to discuss the revelation, expressing shock over what the attempt was, and also fury over protestors for Black Lives Matter in 2020 being decried as the more violent ones.

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