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From the producer who oversaw Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Netflix’s Bling Empire — or as one reviewer called it, “Keeping Up with the Crazy Rich Asians” — stars a group of friends with affluent careers in Beverly Hills. When they’re not managing work or relationship tensions, they’re shopping luxury labels by day and popping bottles by night. It’s all the perfect recipe for plenty of drama, which is why there’s totally room for a Bling Empire Season 2 (and cast member Christine Chiu wants one!) — though Netflix hasn’t greenlit one just yet.

In an interview for Women’s Wear Daily, Christine, who’s married to Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu, said she already has plans to take advantage of the show’s exposure, business-wise. “After two decades building Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery with Dr. Chiu, literally in hard hat and heels, I’m working on a beauty project — something highly curated that’s endorsed by my husband and a team of leading experts,” she explained. The line’s release date is “TBD,” she said. “Maybe the second season!”

More than anything, Christine and Dr. Chiu told Los Angeles’ KTLA5 News, they’re happy to be part of the reality TV movement that’s embracing diverse cultures and lifestyles. “Not only for Asians, but across all Asian ethnicities — Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and more — all in one cast,” Christine said. “That’s a great movement that we are so honored to be a part of.” And if the show succeeds with viewers, chances are it’ll be back — and so will Christine, perhaps with a new business venture in tow.

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