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Most teams are busy trying to improve this January transfer window, and Chelsea is not about to be left behind.

Though initially believed to be headed to Old Trafford with Manchester United, the Blues have entered the fray in the race for Moises Caicedo’s services.

According to Independiente del Valle boss Santiago Morales, there have been no talks held between them and the Red Devils.

He admits that there is strong interest in the star midfielder and feels that he will be moving out soon.

However, there remains no clarity on where Caicedo will end up. Though headlines have been claiming that the 19-year-old will get his wish to join Manchester United, the Red Devils do not seem to be among the teams that Morales and company have spoken to.

“We are surprised that they even talk about values. But we haven’t spoken with Manchester United, although we have spoken with other great teams in the world,” Morales stated when he spoke to Radio La Red.

On cue, the Blues surfaced as a potential destination, El Telegrafo reported. Ajax is another team interested in Caicedo. It was not clear if the two clubs were among the teams that Morales was referring to.

Morales did not go into detail but mentioned that two strong teams from Europe have expressed interest but have not reached an agreement.

This comes not long after South American football expert Tim Vickery claimed that Caicedo was already locked in talks with Manchester United.

“It looks like he is locked in for Manchester United and if it goes through, they have got themselves the real deal Holyfield,” Vickery said in a report from Sky Sports.

Caicedo has made 31 appearances for Independiente and has scored six goals thus far. He made his international debut in October and has earned four caps since then.

The January transfer window ends on Feb. 1, so it will be interesting where the Ecuadorian teen will officially end up.

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