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A Colorado man who threatened to shoot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week also wanted to shoot DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and “Burn DC to the FKG ground,” federal court records filed Wednesday show.

Cleveland Grover Meredith, whose arsenal included a red, white, and blue handgun, also texted that “I predict that within the next 12 days, many in our country will die.”

“We’re gonna surround DC and slowly constrict,” he wrote in one message.

Meredith also included messages to federal agents in texts, apparently believing the authorities were intercepting his rants.

“I hope you’re reading this Mr. FBI agent FK U,” he wrote in one text.

“You get that one Mr. Marxist FBI Agent?” he said in another. “Go FK yourself.”

The FBI said Meredith got to the capital after it was stormed by supporters of President Trump.

But that didn’t stop him from wreaking havoc — he attacked an unidentified man in Washington, DC, the day after the siege, prosecutors said.

“According to an affidavit submitted to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in support (of) a search warrant, the defendant exited his vehicle, head-butted the complainant, knocked him to the ground, and assaulted him on the ground,” the court document said. “The defendant then fled in his vehicle.”

The US Attorney’s Office filed the document to argue against Meredith being released on bail following his arrest last week.

Meredith drove his truck and an attached trailer to the nation’s capital hauling a cache of weapons and about 2,500 rounds of ammunition, including 320 rounds of armor-piercing 5.56 rounds.

While on the road he began texting about his intentions when he got to Washington, DC.

“War time,” he said in one message, prosecutors said. “Ready to remove several craniums from shoulders.”

“I’m gonna collect a s–t ton of Traitors heads,” said another. “Hauling ass, 3.5 hours from target practice…. It ain’t just me, someone has to take the TRASH out, FK THESE MTHRFKRS.”

In yet another text after he arrived in the city, he said he was “Strategizing on best way to assault this city… do I go in fast on Sportbike or do I go in the back door on dirt bike.”

“Staying one more day since I got here late, need to FK with these commies,” he wrote.

In another text he said, “I may wander over to the Mayor’s office and put a 5.56 in her skull, FKG c—t,” the court document said.

Federal prosecutors in DC said those details make Meredith a danger to the community, and are asking a federal judge to keep him locked up while the case is pending.

Cleveland Meredith, who eyed Pelosi, also wanted to ‘Burn DC to the FKG ground’: Feds The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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