CNN stories a Dem rep grabbed a crowbar throughout Capitol assault. He really grabbed an power bar. – Thebritishjournal

CNN made a mistake on Thursday that left several on social media in stitches after originally reporting that a Democratic congressman grabbed a crowbar from his office as the Capitol was attacked last week when, in fact, the representative had actually grabbed an energy bar.

What are the details?

In an article titled “How a swift impeachment was born under siege,” CNN added a correction to the bottom of the lengthy piece that reads, “A previous version of this story misstated that Rep. Ted Lieu [D- Calif.] grabbed a crowbar before leaving his office. He grabbed a ProBar energy bar.”

Fox News reported that CNN clarified “that Lieu was simply hungry as opposed to the original report that misled readers into thinking he grabbed a crowbar to defend himself.”

Twitter had a field day.

Security Studies Group president Jim Hanson tweeted, “[email protected] published this piece on the Storming of the Capitol with a claim @RepTedLieu grabbed a crowbar as he left his office…as if he was going to fight the mob.” Hanson added, “It was actually a PowerBar & Ted had to make sure it was vegan before he could eat it.”

Steve Krakauer, executive producer of Megyn Kelly’s podcast tweeted, “Imagine four reporters at CNN and countless editors who saw the piece before it was published thinking Ted Freaking Lieu grabbed a crowbar in the midst of the Capitol riots (instead of a “ProBar” energy bar)…”

Author Tom Woods wrote, “Just a minor correction: he fled with a ProBar energy bar, not a crowbar,” while Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim replied after seeing the mistake, “I spit my coffee out laughing.”

Others argued that while CNN made a flub, it is entirely plausible that Lieu, a veteran, might have kept a crowbar around just in case.

Anything else?

Lieu told Bloomberg that as pro-Trump supporters attacked the Capitol building on Jan. 6, at one point he sheltered in another Congress member’s office where he “began a group text imploring the House to begin drafting article of impeachment” against President Donald Trump.

CNN reports a Dem rep grabbed a crowbar during Capitol attack. He actually grabbed an energy bar. The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ TheBlaze.

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